Bill Cure
April 29, 2020


Honoring Bill Cure at May 2020 Virtual Social Event



  • 43 Years of APICS Membership
  • Service on the APICS Houston Chapter Board of Directors since 1976
  • Global Instructor 
  • Certifications:  CSCP-F,  CPIM-F,  CIRM




LEORON Institute - APICS SCM Certification Preparation Instructor
Oct 2019 – Present:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

North American University (NAU) - Business School Advisor
2019 – Present:  Houston, Texas

APICS Houston Chapter
Ex-Offico:  Jun 2019 – Present
President: Jun 2016 – Jun 2019
Board of Directors:  Mar 1976 – Present

E3 SCM Leadership Excellence - Managing Partner
Jan 2009 – Present: Houston, Texas Area

APICS - Certified Master Instructor, CPIM, CSCP, Lead Instructor
May 2011 – Present:  Houston, Texas Area
This level is ideal for the most experienced, adept APICS instructors who set the standard for high-quality education. Master instructors have demonstrated a strong command of all APICS educational offerings and are able to teach any APICS courseware within one or more of the following APICS curriculum areas, including APICS CPIM modules, APICS CSCP, Lean, Global, or TTT/LDI courses. These individuals will also develop APICS courseware and evaluate other instructors’ performance.  To be a candidate for the Master instructor status, you must meet all of the Lead-instructor level requirements and have taught 3 courses in last 2 years and a minimum of 300 hours total in subject matter over last 5 years (For CPIM, must have taught any three of the following courses: MPR, DSP, ECO and/or SMR. For instructor training, must have co-taught, with a Lead or Master, Instructor Training, two times.)  Receive an endorsement from a master instructor (required beginning January 1, 2010)

APICS Houson Chapter 
CSCP Certification Prep Instructor:  Mar 2006 – Present
CPIM instructor:  Jan 1980 – Present
I have taught APICS CPIM classes since 1980 and am qualified to teach all 5 CPIM classes, the Train the Trainer class, and the new CSCP certification class. In my career, I have taught both public and private CPIM classes to over 4000 students students across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.




“Bill Cure dedicated his life to APICS and it showed by his consistent commitment to education, volunteering, and getting to know people no matter where he was. His relentless pursuit of perfection was evident by being a board member and offering his time and talents. Bill was a patient man and being able to watch his students grow in supply chain knowledge is what truly brought him joy.” - Chris Agner

“Bill is both an excellent project manager as well as people manager. He is calm in the face of pressure and deadlines and is adept at moving between big picture strategy to day-to-day details.”

“William was my mentor, and someone I could look up to, and take my direction from at work. He modeled a solid foundation of honesty and integrity and his advanced project management techniques were not derived from textbooks or classrooms, but from real life experiences.”

“Bill is the type of project manager that is liked and respected by both clients and those reporting up to him for his integrity and dedication. Not only did he have a reputation for bringing projects in on schedule and budget but also for taking care of his people.”

“His strongest characteristic is his strong personal drive to help individuals succeed.”

“Bill is a person who cares about his students. He goes to great lengths to help others with difficult concepts and curious questions.”

“The two things that impressed me most were his extensive knowledge of manufacturing and operations and his high standard of ethics. I still look to him as a role model today.”

“Bill Cure is a valuable teaching resource for the Houston Chapter of APICS. He has taught hundreds of students in the area and I have reviewed much of the feedback from the students while I was the President of the Chapter. His feedback is exceptional and overwhelmingly positive. Bill goes the extra mile to prepare students to pass the difficult exams.”

"Bill was a good friend and mentor to me as a fellow instructor. He helped me land jobs with several companies and advised me not to pursue employment with others. Bill was always genuinely happy to see me and made me feel welcome at all the Apics events. He was our rock and pillar of the chapter and deserves to be remembered with some type of honor. I suggest that the instructor of the year award now becomes the Bill Cure award . I will miss him."  - Michael Jones

"I used to volunteer with Bill at APICS monthly meetings, he was a thorough professional and gentleman, very easy to work with. He will be missed!!" - Jashwant

"I've had the pleasure of working with Bill for 10+ years. I've seen him teach and could see his passion to share what he had learned and help fellow supply chain professionals grow in their profession. He loved teaching, he loved working with the Houston APPICS chapter and I know he will be missed greatly by his family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his friends at this difficult time. Goodbye, Bill, for now." - Bob Collins

"Bill’s positive reinforcement and encouraging assistance was instrumental in keeping my job search moving forward through some discouraging times. His willingness to go the extra mile to assist each person until a job was found was inspirational." - Cynthia Shepler

"Bill guided me to my CPIM back in the mid-late 90's in Sealy, TX at Stewart & Stevenson. He drove out there once a week for several years to teach us and we had a very high pass rate thanks to him. I will always remember his knowledge, humor, and dedication." - Mark Hoffman

"Bill Cure was a passionate about supply chain and being an educator. I had the honor of taking his CPIM 1 class last fall and his knowledge and experience made the class interesting but his passionate approach is what made him stand out as an instructor. I am thankful he was a part of my learning and professional journey." - Astrid Gonzalez

"You can't think of APICS and not think of Bill Cure! He was an amazing teacher. His love for APICS was obvious and demonstrated in his teaching. Rest in Peace Sir!" - Vickie Anderson

"This is sad news, heartbreaking to me and a big loss to Apics organization. Bill was a great instructor and mentor to me. I wish his jentle soul to rest in peace and may GOD give his family fortitude to bear his loss in Jesus Name. Amen! Regards" - Abolore Sulaiman

"I have known Bill since the late 70's or early 80's. We have served together on numerous APICS boards. He was a friend and consummate professional that added much to the APICS Chapter and community. He not only loved and served the APICS community but greatly loved his family and his church. He leaves behind a legacy to challenge all of us to greater things! I will miss you, my friend until we are united again." - Brad Daricek Past President and Board Member, Houston APICS Chapter

"Our Supply Chain community has loss an icon with Bill Cure, who truly cared for our profession & especially for our people! May he rest in peace and be proud of all his contributions!" - Deanna Yee

"Bill was the lead instructor for my CSCP class the later part of 2010. His ability to communicate the Body of Knowledge in a manner that easy to understand was a result of his passion to teach. For the past 10 years, he would ALWAYS greet me at the PDMs and made me feel comfortable at the meetings. He will always be in my mind and heart." - Scott Moody 

"Whenever I spoke with Bill he was kind and gracious. The memories here inscribed by his students and colleagues are sure proof of his life well-lived." - Jessica DePinto

"Bill was my instructor for the Cscp training. Will miss him." - Nancy Davis

"Bill will be greatly missed by his family & APICS... He was a great asset to the profession" - Bill G

"I attended some of the APICS training with Bill and we always visited at conferences. He was always nice and easy going. Great guy." -  David Paris

"Mr. Bill, my supply chain students of NAU and I will never forget you! Thank you for all you did for our school!" - Jose Manuel Velarde

"Part 1: My first experience with APICS was Bill greeting me for my first CPIM class. He was like no instructor I had ever experienced. He’d roll in every Saturday with his cart of books, donuts, fruit and juice and a smile. He was an expert on the topic, loved hearing the stories and practical applications from students and would stay late to help any student. As it turned out, he taught all my CPIM courses and half of my CSCP modules.
Part 2: I had completed them both in a year, and he often bragged that was the catalyst for my success. Granted, the learnings and certifications helped, but I also attribute it to the passion for supply chain that Bill instilled in me. During my career I was transferred to New Orleans. There was a huge desire and need for APICS courses there, but the chapter did not have a local instructor. I reached out to Bill for help.
Part 3: For a plane ticket, a nominal fee and a hug, Bill came over to New Orleans to train a group of students. He had a servant’s heart and would do anything to help someone out, whether it was a student, the chapter, his church or neighborhood. He left a lasting impression on many folks and will be missed.
" - Shari Ruelas

"Bill Cure was among the best in his profession. I've attended training and seminars that he led and always found him to be very knowledgeable, engaging, and patient. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him." -  Robert Ganaway, CPIM

"I am very sorry to hear that we lost Bill. Reading all of the wonderful comments on this page accurately describes the Bill that I knew for the short time I knew him. Back in 2018, I selected Bill to provide the keynote address for an ERP user conference. Needless to say, he did a fantastic presentation on Supply Chain Management and then stayed to meet users and answer individual questions. We have lost a good friend and a great man." - William R. Elder, CPIM

"I was saddened when I learned the news of Mr. Bill. However, I dare not pass on the opportunity to speak on the excitement and passion he had for teaching. Thank you, Mr. Bill for your kindness, patience and APICS knowledge. You will certainly be missed." - Kim Mouton