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The APICS Houston chapter has formed 3 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to help provide individuals with access to the knowledge and experience of industry leadership executives by means of fostering networking skills & building relationships, promoting continuing education, and encouraging volunteer and leadership opportunities. You can learn more about these groups below.

The focus for the Women in Supply Chain (WISC) group will be to encourage our organizations to attract, promote and retain women in supply chain roles. A multifaceted approach is planned to meet the needs of our members and the goals of our group.

For Women In Supply Chain, contact Deanna Yee at [email protected]

How Do I Register for a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting?

Our special interest group meetings are offered throughout the year, primarily before each month's PDM.  You can find a listing of all our APICS Houston Special Interest Group meetings here. Registration is simple and quick.

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As Women in Supply Chain, what do you need to be successful? what are the barriers?

Jan. 12, 2020

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